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 Welcome to Shuffle Quest!

Jul 26, 2017

After spending the night with murderous alien crime lord and drug pusher Corgligula, the crew is ready to confront Claudia Rudinsky and learn more about the disappeared blob alien Bill Lawrence Obb. Will theirs be a subtle, nuanced interrogation, or a big-ass fight full of crack urges, huge explosions,...

Jul 12, 2017

Finally, the Shuffle Crew gets to RPG-murder things! While hunting down Bill Lawrence Obb's trail, our heroes find a bunch of CRIME GOONS ready to fight with crazy chrome nonsense. ALSO: Ruddy visits a 24-hour Foot Locker/Taco Bell. Omie tries out her chrome knuckles with explosive results. Terok gets

Jul 12, 2017

Our heroes meet Alva Raines, a time-manipulating alien whose inability to control her powers leaves her stranded on Earth under the Men in Black's care. Will she be able to help the Shuffle Crew find the missing blob alien Bill Lawrence Obb? Will they ever ask why it's important to find Bill? Spoilers: they will in...

Jul 12, 2017

The saga begins! Paladin Terok Nor (Tomefoolery's Cody Melcher), rogue Omie Heck (Pleasuretown's Gwynn Fulcher), and fighter Ruddy Dayton (Joe Anderson) are plucked from the fantasy world of D&D by extradimensional stone god Olmec, who presses them into service on a grand quest to save the fictional multiverse. Let's...