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 Welcome to Shuffle Quest!

Nov 29, 2017

The Red Star Army's leader Dunkaroo waits in Hell #4. The Shuffle Crew and Master Sal have six out of seven Dragonballs. It all comes down to this, and friends, it does not disappoint. Behold, the finale of THE HELL SAGA!


Nov 15, 2017

After Omie's victorious bout in Demon King Funfetti's battle arena in the third level of Dragonball Z hell, it's time for the rest of the Shuffle Crew to get their turn in the ring! Get ready for Ruddy, Terok, and Master Sal to enter the colosseumed circle and throw down against the Red Star Army's toughest lieutenants...

Nov 1, 2017

After dying twice in search of the mythical Dragonballs, our heroes Ruddy, Omie, Terok, and Master Sal have died again and descended to third hell, which turns out to be a pretty buckwild place. But were you expecting any different? Join us as our heroes learn about new card games, max and relax, order some fancy...