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 Welcome to Shuffle Quest!

Aug 23, 2017

No more futzing around: it's time to confront Bill Lawrence Obb and retrieve the Synchronous Retrophasic Modulator. The Shuffle Crew has turned Men in Black's New York inside out and upside down chasing down leads, and now the time has come to end it. It's the end of the Sittin' On Chrome arc, buds, get H Y P E...

Shuffle Quest FAQs

Aug 10, 2017

An RPG podcast? What's an RPG even?

An RPG is a role-playing game. The most famous examples involve Lord of the Rings-ass dudes getting gems out of caves, but at their core they are frameworks to facilitate collaborative improvised storytelling. Like, you and your buds play characters and act out lil make-believe...

Aug 9, 2017

The search for Bill Lawrence Obb is heating up in the world of Men in Black! Our heroes are separated for the first time and have to make sense of dizzying revelations that threaten to end the world of Men in Black forever! Will they rise to the occasion, or will they blithely escort goblins onto a city bus, blow up...

Jul 26, 2017

After spending the night with murderous alien crime lord and drug pusher Corgligula, the crew is ready to confront Claudia Rudinsky and learn more about the disappeared blob alien Bill Lawrence Obb. Will theirs be a subtle, nuanced interrogation, or a big-ass fight full of crack urges, huge explosions,...

Jul 12, 2017

Finally, the Shuffle Crew gets to RPG-murder things! While hunting down Bill Lawrence Obb's trail, our heroes find a bunch of CRIME GOONS ready to fight with crazy chrome nonsense. ALSO: Ruddy visits a 24-hour Foot Locker/Taco Bell. Omie tries out her chrome knuckles with explosive results. Terok gets